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Time is your most precious commodity – and it’s in short supply. Why waste it?

As a business owner or commercial manager, your time is precious – and whether operating a complex online shop, a WordPress website or a Hosting Company, the very last thing on your mind and on your schedule should be server issues and your linux server management.

We remove the hassle, pain and time-consumption so traditionally associated with linux server management. For you, this means technical legwork that’s handled on your behalf. Leaving you to focus on what you do best – which is growing your business.

Benefits of Linux Server Management

  • Our team responds to your server incidents 24x7x365 (*Based on your SLA)
  • Linux experts available at your disposal for any work you might need complete.
  • Security & General updates are regularly applied to your servers.
  • Malware & Hacking attempts protection
  • Prevention of DDoS attacks and advising based on the situation.
  • We use cutting-edge server management software – protecting your investment and delivering peak performance in the process.
  • Looking for more reasons? Just ask!

How does it work?

Step 1. Server Audit
Step 2. Configurations & Simulation Mode
Step 3. Proactive Monitoring
Your server environment is now protected and monitored by ServerDuty's experts!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need Linux Server Management & Monitoring for my server?

When your server is not monitored and updated regularly the chances of something breaking or even worse someone breaking in increase! The real answer lies on the severity of the website/project you are hosting on your servers. You can also have your server checked & update regularly with our Linux Services starting at just 30$ / Hour.

Does your service make my server bulletproof?

No it doesn’t, and no such service ever will. We cannot guarantee anything for certain but what we can say for sure is that with our monitoring and regular checking you will limit the chances of any surprises coming out of nowhere a lot.

Can you guarantee for the uptime of my servers?

We cannot guarantee uptime for your servers simply because we are not a hosting provider and because unexpected things that we do not have control over can happen (DDoS attacks, coding errors on your end, your hosting provider is having an outage, etc). However we can plan your infrastructure to limit downtime up to the maximum.

How fast will you respond to my requests?

Servers incidents & support requests are mainly responded based on the SLA Response Time your service plan has. However based on our statistics most of requests / incidents are responded over than 75% faster than the max SLA Response Time of our customers service plans.

Is there a different rate for managing larger amount of servers?

We do offer discounts for customers looking to get larger infrastructures managed. Please contact us to request a custom quote.

Featured Client Reviews

See what our Linux Server Management customers say

“The fix for my project took about 20 minutes, it wasn’t as bad as orrignally thought. The support team told me it was a quick fix and offered to give the remaining money back. They could have taken this time and I wouldn’t have known any different. Instead, I found more work to fulfill the milestone and everything they done has been A++”

Paul R. – Entrepreneur 

“In a time of crisis where my server wasn’t responding ServerDuty’s sysadmins worked hard and fast to restore normality – looking forward to receiving your server expertise for a long time to come”

Matt M. – CEO 

“ServerDuty delivered what we asked for when we asked for it, on time and was very informative with any questions we had. Their work is commendable and we hope that other companies can follow their lead

Marc D. – CEO 

“The work they did was outstanding, they never gave up when things got tough, they pulled a rabbit out of their hat and delivered on time against all odds. Very easy to work with on even a complicated confusing job. All i can say is ..whew they got it done just in time and saved the day ”

Iris M. – Webmaster


Take advantage of our Linux Server Management & Monitoring through our flexible pricing


60$ / Month
  • 24×7 Support
  • SLA MAX Response Time: 10H
  • Proactive Server Monitoring
  • Skype Support
  • Every Month Security Audit
  • 30 minutes included Support
  • DataCenter Direct Contact
  • External Client Support
  • 1 Managed Server
  • Each Extra Server 40$


300$ / Month
  • 24×7 Support
  • SLA MAX Response Time: 2H
  • Proactive Server Monitoring
  • Skype Support
  • Every 10 Days Security Audit
  • 4 Hours included Support
  • DataCenter Direct Contact
  • External Client Support
  • 2 Managed Servers
  • Each Extra Server 130$

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